Results & Downloads

20 February, 2023

DYNAMO Elevator Pitch

The official DYNAMO Elevator Pitch is now available. Download it to get an overview of the most important information about the project.

9 January, 2023

DYNAMO Leaflet

The official DYNAMO Project Leaflet is now available. Download to get more information about the project, the involved partners, the mission, the vision and the goal of DYNAMO.

12 October, 2022

DYNAMO Announcement Letter

We are happy to announce that under the technical leadership of CERTH in Greece, the coordination of Frauenhofer EMI in Germany with the support of the Austrian based private research company Technikon, the scientists of the consortium are engaged in a EC funded research project entitled “Dynamic Resilience Assessment Method including combined Business Continuity Management and Cyber Threat Intelligence solution for Critical Sectors” or DYNAMO. In this three-year project, 15 partners from ten different countries will work to address the problem of cyber threats in critical sectors such as health, energy and transportation.

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