Recap of the DYNAMO BCM Symposium and General Assembly Meeting 2024

18 June, 2024

The city of Cork recently played host to the DYNAMO Business Continuity Management (BCM) & Sustainability Symposium on June 12th, followed by the General Assembly Meeting on June 13th and 14th.

Both organized by University College Cork (UCC), the conference brought together leading experts and researchers to discuss and advance the field of Business Continuity Management. Here’s a detailed look into the highlights of these significant gatherings.

DYNAMO BCM & Sustainability Symposium – June 12

Setting the Stage: The DYNAMO BCM Conference kicked off on the 12th of June at UCC’s Aula Maxima. The event was marked by an atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation, with participants from various parts of the world converging to share their knowledge, best best practices and lessons learned from major to minor disruptions with peers and researchers.

Keynote Speeches: The conference began with a series of compelling keynote speeches. Renowned professionals presented insights in BCM and Sustainability, covering topics such as:

  • Emerging Risks and Resilience Strategies
  • Crisis Response
  • Emergency Management

These talks set the tone for a day full of insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

Panel Discussion: Following the keynotes, the conference featured a panel discussion with the keynote speakers. Panels included a diverse range of experts debating the future of BCM and its implications in various sectors such as healthcare.

General Assembly Meeting – June 13-14

The General Assembly Meeting commenced on June 13th and 14th, bringing together the members of the DYNAMO consortium. The meeting focused on strategic discussions, reviewing the progress made over the last months, and setting goals for the future. Participants actively engaged in lively discussions, exploring synergies and identifying potential avenues for joint research and development initiatives. Beyond the formal agenda, networking opportunities were plentiful, with informal gatherings, coffee breaks, and a networking dinner.