Internal Ethics Webinar

28 June, 2023

Ethics constitutes an essential part of the DYNAMO research. To this end, our Ethics & Legal Advisor KEMEA held an internal ethics webinar on the 27th of June to help the DYNAMO Consortium identify the project-related ethics issues and provide awareness and guidance. The webinar was focused on how we handle human participation in our research activities and how we protect personal data of the data subjects involved. KEMEA also educated us on the key ethics and legal requirements for the design and development of trustworthy AI-enabled technologies as well as on the potential misuse of the research results and how to mitigate any relevant risks. Additionally, the webinar also addressed the importance of gender equity and gender balance in the research process. In this sense, KEMEA has prepared our Consortium perfectly for the effective handling of all potential ethics risks that could arise within the project by following a proactive approach in order to ensure ethical and legal compliance of the DYNAMO research.